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The Manifesto 2000 is available in all official languages of the General Conference of UNESCO (English - French - Spanish - Arabic - Russian and Chinese) as well as in more than 40 languages :.

PDF Format 

Language - Organization
english English - UNESCO
french French - UNESCO
spanish Spanish - UNESCO
arabic Arabic - UNESCO
russian Russian - UNESCO
chinese Chinese - UNESCO
Other translations found below are under the responsability of the organizations listed.
MANIFEST 2000 German - German Commission for UNESCO
german German - Alpen-Adria-Alternativ




Catalan - Universal forum of Cultures - Barcelona 2004
korean Korean - National Commission Korean


Italian - Center UNESCO of Turin
Italian - Center UNESCO of Florence
man-alb_rouge.gif (982 octets) italian - Verona International Institut for the Opera and the Poetry
turkish Turkish - the World Organization of the Movement Scout


Brazilian Portuguese - National Commission of Brazil
portuguese European Portuguese - National Commission Portugal
punjab.gif (750 octets) Punjab - ONG FATEH (London Head office)
dioula.gif (673 octets) Dioula - National Commission of Burkina Faso
fulfulde.gif (699 octets) Fulfulde - National Commission of Burkina Faso
More - National Commission of Burkina Faso
kampuchean Kampuchean - Office UNESCO of Kampuchea
creole Creole - National Commission of Seychelles
persan Persan - National Commission of Iran
esperanto Esperanto - Universal Esperanto Association (UEA)
Flemish - Pax Christi Flanders
man-alb.gif (1737 octets) Swedish - National Commission of Sweden
Japanese - National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan
Lingala - Office UNESCO of Brazzaville
Hindi - Brahma Kumaris
Papiamento - Netherlands Antilles National Commission for UNESCO
Siswati- Swaziland Commission for UNESCO
Norwegian - Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO
Tayalog - UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines
Italian - Italian National Commission for UNESCO
Moldovan - National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO
Welsh - United Nations Association in Wales
Gestuno - World Federation of the Deaf
Cypriot Greek- Girl Guides Association of Cyprus
Greek - Greek National Commission for UNESCO
Azerbaijani - Republic of Azerbaijan National Commission for UNESCO
Polish - Institute for Pedagogical Research of Warsaw
Euskera - Center UNESCO of San Sebastián
Galician - Seminario Galego de Educación para a Paz
Namibian - Namibian National Commission for UNESCO
isiZulu - Ulwazi@Africa Foundation
  Icelandic - Icelandic National Commission for UNESCO




We strongly invite you to translate the Manifesto 2000 into other languages and send us a copy; you can send it to us as a PDF file (Portable Document Format) or as a WORD file by e-mail or through the post at the following address:

7, Place Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07SP - France

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