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Culture of Peace Project and Resources



Name of the organization leading the project       INTERNATIONAL CHILD ART FOUNDATION
Type of organization       International NGO or association
Geographical coverage of the project       International
Contact person for the project       Amanda Kah
Function of the contact person       Arts Olympiad Manager
Address of the project       International Child Art Foundation 1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Zip code       20036
Town       Washington, DC
Phone       1 202 530 1000
Fax       1 202 530 1080
Web site
Fields of action      Education for a culture of peace and non-violence
     Sustainable economic and social development
     Respect for all human rights
     Equality between women and men
     Democratic participation
     Understanding, tolerance, solidarity
     Participating communication and free flow of information and knowledge
     International peace and security
Objective / Description
The ARTS OLYMPIAD of the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) is the world's most prestigious and popular arts program for children. ICAF's third ARTS OLYMPIAD (2004-2008) links art and sport like never before to promote children's creativity and health, two essential building blocks for a Culture of Peace. The 2004-2008 ARTS OLYMPIAD combines the empathy and understanding invoked by art with the competitive energy and team spirit instilled by sports to promote the Olympic ideals and foster cross-cultural, inter-religious and international empathy and cooperation. The ARTS OLYMPIAD begins with lesson plans in schools and leads to national, regional and international celebrations. The lesson plans include an art competition of the theme MY FAVORITE SPORT for children ages 8 to 12. The lesson plans are provided free of charge to teachers, after school art programs and homeschoolers. The lesson plans will be available online at in August 2004. A US Art & Sport Festival is planned in 2005, regional festivals in 2006, including the EU Art & Sport Festival at Olympia Park in Munich in August 2006. The World Art & Sport Festival will be held on the National Mall in Washington DC in 2007. Plans are underway to integrate the 2004-2008 Arts Olympiad with the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
Start date      08/2004
End date      10/2008
Permanent project      NO
Actors      Children (0 - 14)
Beneficiaries      Children (0 - 14)
     Youth (15 - 25)
     Adults (26 - 59)
     Elderly (60 +)
Resources offered by the project      Information / Experience
     Contacts / Networks
     Institutional support
Participation in the Arts Olympiad is free of charge. National art competition winners are invited as Official Delegates to ICAf's regional and international festivals. The Official Delegates will include parents and teachers of the winners. Contact ICAF for technical assistance in organizing the art competition in your school, library or club.


Resources requested by the project      Contacts / Networks
     Institutional support
Interested individuals and organizations are requested to disseminate information to schools and parents about the Arts Olympiad. National organizations are requested to support their national team's travel to participate in regional and international festivals in 2006-2008. Become a spokesperson for the Arts Olympiad, promoting children's creativity and health, as well as peace and development. Host ICAF's international children's art exhibitions at your events. License children's art from ICAF for your design and visual requirements. Subscribe to ICAF's amazing ChildArt Magazine, a unique arts learning, self-discovery and global education periodical to inspire children ages 8 to 80. Help us help the children so they can lead us to a peaceful and better world. Please visit or send an email to

If you are interested by one or more resources described above, contact directly the person in charge of the project