Decade kits


 Kit " Promotion of the Decade  "


 Kit " logos / graphic file of the Decade


 Kit " Promotion of the Manifesto 2000 and collection of signatures "


 Kit " Event for the calendar of the Decade "

bullet  Kit " Culture of Peace Projects and Resources (Planet Society)

  Video Clips

bullet Video clip - International Year for a Culture of Peace (French - Spanish


bullet Video clip - short (3-5mn) face to face video interviews with the following guest speakers who participated in UNESCO's Round Table "Women Peacemakers" held during Internatinal Women's Day (8 March 2007) 

Ř       Ms Swanee Hunt ( USA ), Ambassador Swanee Hunt is the founding director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She is also the founder of the Initiative for Inclusive Security which advocates for the full participation of all stakeholders, especially women, in formal and informal peace processes.

Ř       Ms Luz Mendez ( Guatemala ) , President of the Advisory Council to the National Union of Guatemalan Women (UNAMG). Before this post, from 1991 to 1996, Ms Méndez participated in the Guatemalan peace negotiations which brought an end to 35 years of violent conflict.

Ř       Ms Sylvie Kinigi ( Burundi ), former Prime Minister of the first democratically elected, ethnically mixed government of Burundi . She survived the violent 1993 coup, during which the President, Melchior Ndadaye, was assassinated, only to find herself in charge of a conflict-beleaguered nation. 

  New !
 Kit " Tolerance: the threshold of peace  "- A teaching/ learning guide for education for peace,human rights and democracy
 Kit " Heritage for a Culture of Peace "
Kit "all equal in diversity" - mobilizing schools against racism, discrimination and exclusion
 Kit "GENIA Toolkit for Promoting Gender Equality in Education"
Kit "Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) toolkit" A toolkit designed to engage young people in the efforts of achieving the MDGs:
Kit "MDG Toolkit for Religious Leaders" The toolkit presents religious principles and warrants related to the MDGs from a variety of faith traditions. It provides concrete steps for action to engage all members of religious communities, including advocating with and monitoring governments, linking to other civil society actors and campaigns, and making use of the media. Also included are replicable "handouts" for educational outreach in religious and inter-religious settings. The toolkit is availalbe in English, French and Arabic. A Spanish version will be available soon.

Brochure on UNESCO’s Work on Education for Peace and Non-Violence: Building Peace through Education

Best practices of Non-Violent Conflict Education in and out of school

Language as Violence, Violence as Language

Education in and for conflict

Inter-Agency Peace Education Programme

Non-violence in education

Quality Education in Conflict-Affected Countries – An introductory course for policymakers and practitioners of education programmes

Learning to live together in peace and harmony: values education for peace, human rights, democracy and sustainable development for the Asia-Pacific Region

Cultural Diversity and Transversal Values: East-West Dialogue on Spiritual and Secular Dynamics

From the World Health Organization (WHO) - The econocomic dimensions of interpersonal violence

 UNESCO Publications on Peace and non-violence

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