Ethical charter for participation in the culture of peace website


As the Culture of Peace Website is hosted on the UNESCO website, acceptance of and compliance with the content of this Ethical Charter are basic prerequisites for an organization’s participation (see section "how to take part):

the organization, in terms of its objectives, activities and proposed actions, shall under no circumstances be at variance with any of the eight areas of culture of peace action defined in United Nations General Assembly resolution 53/243: Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace;

the authenticity and quality of the information provided by the organization are its sole responsibility;

the information provided by the organization shall be expressed in clear and transparent terms and updated regularly. The organization shall provide any further explanations and details on request;

the organization shall not be authorized to make any declaration or undertake any commitment on behalf of UNESCO; it may not, by virtue of its participation in the Culture of Peace Website, consider itself a UNESCO “partner”;

the organization may use the logos of the International Decade and/or of the Culture of Peace only and undertakes to use neither the names, nor emblems, nor official seals of the United Nations and UNESCO in its message (unless otherwise stipulated by a specific agreement concluded with UNESCO);

any change to the substance and/or form of the communication aids supplied by UNESCO on the movement and the International Decade (Manifesto 2000, posters, press releases, etc.) shall be submitted beforehand to the UNESCO Focal Point most directly concerned;

any translation of the communication aids provided by UNESCO for dissemination purposes shall be submitted beforehand to the National Commission for UNESCO concerned or to another authorized Focal Point for authentication;

the organization shall compensate UNESCO and release it from any liability in the event of non-compliance with its obligations;

the requirements set out above are applicable to the organization and to any other organizations it may enter on the Culture of Peace Website as members of its network; the organization is responsible for the choice of such organizations and shall have informed them beforehand of the content of this Ethical Charter.