Definition of the campaign

The objective of
this project is to capitalise on local heritage as an awareness raising and action tool for a culture of peace.

This is a campaign that NGOs maintaining official relations with UNESCO launched in October 2002 in their regional and national networks. National members of international NGOs are invited to choose a local element of their tangible or intangible cultural heritage and build a project around this element.

The dissemination of such project in the entire community of NGOs coincides also with the decision of the UN General Assembly to declare 2002 "United Nations Year for Cultural Heritage" and to designate UNESCO as lead agency. UNESCO wishes in particular to promote, throughout this UN year, the discovery of cultural heritage as a vector for dialogue, peace and reconciliation.

All the
projects stemming from this campaign will constitute a network called upon to interact at the international scale and will give rise to a particular event at the half-way point of the Decade (2005) that will feature the most remarkable initiatives to serve as "good practices."


How to take part
  • Follow the participation steps as detailed in the brochure
  • Register on by use of your personal Internet Account Number provided by your Focal Point (National branch or Headquarters of your NGO)