"From the International Year for the Culture of Peace
to the International Decade" 

Panel 4


Two outstanding books publicized the International Year throughout Pakistan: "Peace: Marching towards light" by the United Nations system in Pakistan; and "Join Hands for Peace" by the Grammar School Rawalpindi (GSR) which took a lead in the networking of educational institutions for the culture of peace.


The ASPnet programme was reinforced based on education for a culture of peace and non-violence and a "Manual for Human Rights Education" was published and distributed to 44 university rectors and 26 Heads of Provincial Offices.


More people signed the Manifesto 2000 in India than any other country, 37 millions, thanks to the efforts of Brahma Kumaris and many other organizations. The campaign involved individuals, institutions and organizations, political and artistic personnalities, major events, postage stamps,  workshops, films and public lecture series (...).

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