"From the International Year for the Culture of Peace to the International Decade"

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Malaysia - Thaïland

In Malaysia more than 67 000 people signed the Manifesto.
In Thailand, more than 180 000 signatures were collected with the collaboration of several NGOs.

Viet Nam

Among the many initiatives and events, an agenda for the Culture of Peace featuring the Manifesto 2000 was produced by the Office of UNESCO in Hanoi and the National Commission, in collaboration with UN agencies.


Uzbekistan - Oman - Kyrgyzstan

In the four major cities of Uzbekistan, people participated in scientific conferences, concerts, folk dances and artistic exhibitions for peace in the next Millennium.

In Kyrgyzstan, the International Forum "Culture and Religion and Central Asia" promoted international inter-religious dialogue on the way to a culture of peace.

The Office of UNESCO in Oman opened its doors to the general public for an exhibition by painters of Iraq entitled "From Bagdad...I offer you Peace".



The Kazakstan schools of the Associated Schools Project Network organized drawing and essay competitions and workshops for students in the framework of the International Year.

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