"From the International Year for the Culture of Peace
to the International Decade"

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USA - St Lucia - Cuba 

In the United States, the International Year was celebrated on Peace Day in Chicago on September 15, 2000.

In St. Lucia a committe  established for the International Year addressed troubling issues such as  aggression in schools.

Ecuador - El Salvador

In Ecuador, a culture of peace office was created by the Presidency of the Republic, while the Universities of Guayaquil and Santa Maria  incorporated the culture of peace into their official curriculum.

As every year in El Salvador, the Festival for Peace was held from 16th to 30th January 2000 throughout the country.

Costa Rica

The National Commission for UNESCO implemented a programme of action for the culture of peace, involving all sectors of the society.  The Associated Schools and UNESCO Clubs carried out many activities including several festivals.

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